Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mihi for Kids

Write our own mini using an adapted format.
Recite our own mini with correct pronunciation.
Recall our mini from memory.

It's all about me and where I fit into my family.  

Your mihi tells the story of the place and the people you beloing to.  It is an eassy way for people you are meetingto make connections as they see if they are related or know your family.

As you can see - everything flows from the mountain, through the river and the waka is on it.  Then the people settle so this is the order in which we say our mini.

Start by writing in the things you are sure of like your parent's names, school and family.
If you have moved from somewhere to here, then you would use the line:

Kei ____________ tōku kāinga ināianei. (I now live)

If you have no waka or marae then just leave these words out.  
REMEMBER that if you are posting your mini on the blog, only use first names but you would use full names when sharing it in 'real life'.


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