Saturday, 29 June 2013

Build Statement Sentences

Additional examples:
I hikoi a Anaru.  (Anaru walked)
I te moe nga tamariki.  (The children were sleeping.)
Kua hikoi ia.  (He/she has walked.)
Kei te kōrero a Bev.  (Bev is talking.)
E oma ana te kuri.  (The dog is and constantly runs.)
Ka mahi ahau.  ( I will work.)

You can practice by adding your own silly sentences below! Ka titiro mātou.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Māori Alphabet

This is the video from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa - as seen on our course DVD.    

Months of the Year

For those visual learners out there like me, here is the YouTube version of the Months of the Year Song.  Sorry, it can't be embedded but click on the image for the direct link.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Days of the Week - with kids

Thanks for the resource from Weedons School.  I know you can use and adapt this for your own learning or for use in your classroom.

Ko te aha tou rā whānau? When is your birthday?

Ko te aha tōu rā whānau?
When is your birthday?

Ko te Rāhina te tuawha o ngā o Poutū te rangi tōku ra whānau.
         Monday       4th     of the days of March is my birthday

First, second, third...
1- 9th - tuatahi = 1st, tuaiwa = 9th
10th - tekau

E hia ōu tau?
How many your years?

43 = Wha tekau ma toru ōku tau.

Try it out with these dates.  Can you say your birthday is on any of these?

Ko te aha tēnei rā? What day of the week?

Ko te aha tēnei rā?
Ko te Rātapu tēnei rā.    (Sunday)
Ko to Rāhoroi tēnei rā.   (Saturday)
Ko to Rāmere tēnei rā.   (Friday)
Ko to Rāpare tēnei rā.    (Thursday)
Ko to Rāapa tēnei rā.     (Wednesday)
Ko to Rātū tēnei rā.       (Tuesday)
Ko to Rāhina tēnei rā.    (Monday)

I will try to add our symbols in the next few days - child labour as models!

Ko te aha te wā?

Time past half and quarters.
mēneti = minutes

4:20  Ko te rua tekau mēneti mai i te wha karaka te wā.
4:20            20 minutes      past the hour four of the clock

12.00 Ko te poupoutanga o te rā.
12.00 When the sun is on the highest post.

10.05 Ko te rima mēneti mia i te tekau karaka te wā.

4.35  Ko te rua tekau ma rima mēneti ki te rima karaka te wā.

Most importantly -
Ko te wā kai = Food time 

Seasons of the Year

Ko ngā wāhanga o te Tau?

Ko te Raumati tēnei wāhanga te Tau.
Summer this season of the year.

Ko te Kōanga tēnei wāhanga te Tau.

Ko te Ngāhuru tēnei wāhanga te Tau.

Ko te Takurua tēnei wāhanga te Tau.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Commands - flashcards

These flashcards are to be copied and folded so each side shows the English and a Māori.  Thanks to Robin from Lincoln or her efforts.