Thursday, 4 April 2013

Kupu Whakapapa - A and O Pronouns

Remember the two different types of pronouns:

       Mine           yours          his/hers
A:    t/āku               tāu              t/āna           
(we have control over - partner, children, food) 

O:          t/ōku              t/ōu              t/ōna            
(same generation or older, transport, house, support body)

Drop the t for two or more objects.

These are the Kupu Whakapapa that fit under the A and O pronouns.

Ko wai tāu tama?  (Who is your husband?)  
Ko David tāku tama.  (David is my husband.)  
Kāore āku tama. (I have no husbands.)

Ko wai tōu matua?  (Who is your father?)
Ko Colin tōku matua. (Colin is my father.)

Ko wai tōna whaea kēkē?  (Who is their auntie?)
Ko Ruth tōna whaea kēkē.  (Ruth is their auntie.)

Ko wai tōu mātaamua?  (Who is your eldest?)
Ko Paul tōku mātaamua.  (Paul is my eldest.)

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